The Silent Majority

I haven’t written much about organizations that are against Occupy Central. To be honest, I haven’t attended any of their meetings or gatherings, but this is also because the last major action they took was on August 17, before I arrived. But I’m following the most vocal group – 幫港出聲 (The Silent Majority for Hong Kong, or “Helping HK speak up”) – on Facebook.

So it’s through Facebook that I enjoy a lot of social media campaigning, including this harrowing message of potential family rupture, from September 19.

parents silent majority

The accompanying message:




You organize your illegal Occupy Central, why do you need to mess with our roads? [“our roads” – not sure if this is an accurate translation]

What family’s parents would let their own sons and daughters boycott classes today, Occupy Central tomorrow, and struggle every day?

Occupy Central makes resistance, using your young children to force open the road. Dad, Mom, will you let them?

The Silent Majority is also frequently mocked on pro-Occupy media for what they argue are outlandish claims. It certainly doesn’t help that the Silent Majority’s media work isn’t quite as powerful as that of pro-Occupy groups. Check out the Silent Majority’s video on the potential impact of Occupy Central:

And compare that to a video produced by a pro-Occupy group:

Or to this highly enjoyable video produced by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Student Union:


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