Thoughts from a night at Admiralty

On Sunday night, Henry and I slept on a stretch of highway at Admiralty. I’ve been bogged with down grad school applications, which is why I haven’t spent much time blogging lately, but you can see his writing at the Kundiman Fireside tumblr here.

I’m writing this as a reminder of why you should care. You skeptics at a distance who, like me, stutter over mixed feelings and broken lines, you poets and artists and caretakers of a vast diaspora, who are never native enough in America or the other motherlands that claim you: don’t you hear the holler of a village oceanic, on these looming high roads of stone, this “borrowed place of a borrowed time,” caught between empires, calling finally for the eloquence of a home of its own?

Good morning, Hong Kong!

Good morning, Hong Kong!


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