Umbrella Movement

Here’s a day-by-day resource of basic links and major events (that I find important) to help structure an understanding of the Umbrella Movement’s progression. The majority of links go to South China Morning Post stories, since the website has been really invaluable as an English-language resource, compiling all sorts of information, events, bites, links, and images. I am also linking my related blog posts to each day.

Note – April 6, 2015: I realize this page hasn’t been updated in a long time! My apologies. I’m concentrating these days on the photo/translation blog, Umbrella Street Scenes.

Please note – Any inaccuracies linking events to days are mine.

Click here to see SCMP‘s time-lapses of major protest sites in Hong Kong.

Click here to see the Hong Kong government’s collected responses to the Occupy Movement, including police press conferences, LegCo and ExCo notes, and remarks by the Chief Executive and other government officials.

Date Day # Link Notes
Sept 28 Day 1 Blog
Sept 29 Day 2 Day | Night | Blog
  •  Secondary school students stage walkouts
Sept 30 Day 3 Day | NightBlog
Oct 1 Day 4 Day | NightBlog
Oct 2 Day 5 Day | NightBlog
Oct 3 Day 6 Day | NightBlog
Oct 4 Day 7 Day | NightBlog
Oct 5 Day 8 Day | Night | Blog
Oct 6 Day 9 Day | Night | Blog
Oct 7 Day 10 Day | Blog
Oct 8 Day 11 Day | Blog
Oct 9 Day 12 Day | Blog
Oct 10 Day 13 Day | Blog
Oct 11 Day 14 Day | Blog Students send an open letter to Xi Jinping [link]
Oct 12 Day 15 Day | Blog (2) Agnes Chow steps down [link] | EMs highlighted in SCMP [link]
Oct 13 Day 16 Day | Blog Anonymous releases data on Chinese sites [link] | Joshua Wong turns 18 [link] | On the Admiralty community [link]
Oct 14 Day 17 Day | Blog Bamboo barricades [link] | Anti-Occupy blocking Apple Daily [link]
Oct 15 Day 18 Day | Blog Protesters reoccupy Mong Kok [link] | Police investigate beating of Ken Tsang [link]
Oct 16 Day 19 Day | Blog Beijing gets mad at Taipei [link] | Hong Kong Golden forum [link] | Umbrellas as weapons? [link]
Oct 17 Day 20 Night (more) (more) (more) Testimonies from students beaten by police [link] | Apple Daily reporters respond to blockages [link] | Policewoman wears colonial era hat [link] | Police covering up badge numbers [link]
Oct 18 Day 21 Day | Night Chan Kin-man warns against expansion [link]
Oct 19 Day 22 Day (more) (more) (a bit more) HK’s business elites thwart democracy? [link] | Misuse of Liverpool anthem [link]
Oct 20 Day 23 Day (more) (more) | Night Threats to arrest online posters inciting protests [link] | People’s Daily claims protests want independence [link] | US responds to accusations of interference [link] | MK “on verge of riot” [link]
Oct 21 Day 24 UN discussion of sexual harassment at protests [link] | CY disses the poor [link]
Oct 22 Day 25 Day (more) (more) Coverage of govt-student talks [link] [link] | Protesting CY’s remarks [link] | Video game released [link]

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